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Through the Cambridge curriculum, children are Confident, Responsible, Reflective, Innovative, and Engaged – skills that prepare them for real life situations required of global citizens.

Why choose Sycamore

At Sycamore International school (SIS), students are given the opportunity to discover themselves through exploring their interests, in and out of the classroom to foster a sense of control over their lives, dream, and develop a passion for lifelong learning.

As a Christian school, we relate Bible teachings to our everyday life to nurture our students’ moral ethos so they can grow into respectable, humble citizens. Although we have a strong Christian foundation, we respect other religious denominations, and do not evangelize or impose Christian beliefs to our non Christian students.

We intend that what is learned at school can be applied in local and global contexts, so we blend the international with local experiences. We value diversity and embrace children, staff and parents regardless of their race, faith, gender, and abilities.

In summary, we purpose to inculcate the following Five Core Global Competencies:
  • Thinking Skills (Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking)
  • Research Skills ( Inquiry learning and Media Literacy)
  • Communication Skills (Participating in discussions/Sharing of understandings)
  • Social Skills (Collaborating with others/ Learning how to interact with others)
  • Self-Management Skills (Reflection, Growth Mindset, Self-Regulation)